Sep 10, 2014

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift Feud: Are Backup Dancers to Blame?

As previously detailed, it is totally on between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The "Shake It Off" singer took her feud public with Perry an unnamed artist when she told Rolling Stone that she penned a new song titled "Bad Blood" about a singer who tried to "sabotage" a recent arena tour of hers.

Perry then pretty much confirmed herself as the target of Swift's wrath when she Tweeted about a "Regina George in sheep's clothing" soon after Taylor's remarks went viral.

Amazing Mean Girls reference aside, what is the basis for this beef between pop superstars?

According to TMZ, it boils down to three backup dancers who worked for Perry first... then joined Swift’s tour in 2012... then left Swift's tour once Katy went back on the road.

This didn't sit well with Taylor, despite sources telling the site that the dancers made their intentions clear from the outset.

They reportedly had never planned on accompanying Swift throughout the duration of her tour and had always wanted a 30-day out in their contract.

But once they gave their notice, saying they wished to go back to Perry, Swift was so angry that she fired them on the spot.

Many have been wondering whether the rift between singers was also related to John Mayer in some way, considering both Swift and Perry have seen him naked, but TMZ insists this is not the case.

Swift feels she was screwed over professionally by Perry. She isn't upset over any screwing done in Katy's personal life.

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