May 3, 2017

Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate and Nicki Minaj Is the Single Greatest Pic in Met Gala History

The first Monday in May just so happens to be the Met Gala. Which basically means it's the day that celebrities flock to the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their finest couture and hang out at the prestigious event. Usually they look kind of excited when they run into their fellow A-listers, because what a great photo op, right? Usually...

Unless you are, of course, the Olsen twins. You see, when they bumped into Nicki Minaj on the red carpet, Mary-Kate and Ashley didn't even crack a smirk.

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The moment left the rapper "gagging" ... maybe from excitement? But we couldn't help but spy that throughout the night the duo — rocking their signature boho-chic looks, naturally — didn't seem to smile even once. Case in point:

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