May 21, 2015

Leo DiCaprio Outbid Paris Hilton for a Chanel Bag...for His Mom!

You may know him as the “ The Wolf of Wall Street,” but at the end of the day, Leo DiCaprio is actually just a mama’s boy. At a gala dinner for the Heart Fund in Cannes on Tuesday, the actor and filmmaker was the proud winner of a Chanel bag from the brand’s Dubai-themed Cruise 2015 collection that was reportedly for his mother, Irmelin.

But it wasn’t met without a little bidding war. According to the Daily Mail, Paris Hilton showed major interest during the auction, but she let DiCaprio walk away with the bag, for which he paid $10,000 euro ($11,146)…all in the name of charity, of course. Though there’s no word on how much the bag actually costs—the brand’s website suggests that the price is available upon request—all’s well that ends well. The floral, neoprene bag is blue, which could clash with Hilton’s primarily pink “Barbie style” wardrobe she once told us she had. Maybe next time!

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