Sep 8, 2014

Mountain Lion Attacks 6-Year-Old California Boy

A mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old boy in Northern California on Sunday and began dragging him away before his father and another man fought the animal off, authorities said. The boy suffered bite wounds and scratches his head and neck following the attack, which was reported about 1 p.m. at a hiking trail in an open space preserve near the Silicon Valley city of Cupertino, Lt. Paul Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said. He was recovering at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he was listed in fair condition, hospital spokeswoman Joy Alexiou said.

The boy was among a group of 10 hiking at the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve. The boy's father told investigators his son was about 10 feet ahead of the group when a mountain lion "came out of nowhere" and attacked the boy, Foy said. "It's quite extraordinary the lion would attack a person with so many people in the immediate vicinity," Foy said. The boy's father and the other male adult in the group shouted and acted aggressively toward the mountain lion to scare it away, Foy said.

Cougar ( Animal )

The cougar, also known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, painter, mountain cat, or catamount, is a large cat of the family Felidae native to the

Americas. Wikipedia

Scientific name: Puma concolor

Speed: 64 – 80 km/h (Running)

Lifespan: 8 – 13 y (In Wild)

Height: 60 – 90 cm (Adult, At Shoulder)

Gestation period: 91 d

Mass: 62 kg on average (Adult, Male), 42 kg on average (Adult, Female)

Length: 240 cm on average (Adult, Male), 205 cm on average (Adult, Female), 150 – 275 cm (Adult)

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