Jul 13, 2014

Every episode of 'South Park' now available for streaming on Hulu

Everyone’s favorite R-rated cartoon is now on Hulu: Beginning today, the entirety of the South Park library will be available for streaming until its 18th season premiere September 24.

Hulu announced the news at this summer’s Television Critics Association press tour, a twice-yearly event. While Hulu users will only be able to watch all of South Park for free up until September, those with the Hulu Plus subscription will continue to have complete access to all 247 episodes — both Hulu and Hulu Plus users will have access to new episodes from season 18 the day after they air on Comedy Central though.

Over its 17-year run, South Park has won five Emmy awards and been nominated for 12 total. “South Park has revolutionized TV and pushed boundaries with unparalleled topicality and daring humor,” Craig Erwich, head of content at Hulu, said in a press release.”We’re thrilled to offer the series to fans in its entirety.”

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