Mar 27, 2017

Kris Jenner Helping Rob Kardashian find love amid Blac Chyna custody war

Rob Kardashian is reportedly landing himself a dating show through the help of his mother Kris Jenner.

Sources claim that the 30-year-old is eager to settle down and find love again, just one month after splitting from Blac Chyna, and according to insiders, Kris is already patching down plans in order to get the Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off approved by executives.

Jenner is fully aware that Rob Kardashian is somewhat lonely by himself. There’s no denying from fans that Rob was deeply in love with Blac Chyna, yet his insecurities are what ended up tearing the couple apart.

Chyna supposedly couldn’t deal with Rob Kardashian’s issues ranging from depression, anxiety, and diabetes. On top of that, the father-of-one would make outrageous claims, convinced that Blac was cheating on him with multiple rappers while they were dating, which had a massive impact on the couple’s romance.

Eventually, the two decided it was better to part ways, but with that said, Rob Kardashian has acknowledged that he still wants to be in a relationship — just not with Chyna.

In Touch claims that the Arthur George sock entrepreneur has already confided in his mother about his desire to find love again, who suggested he tries out a dating show on the E! network, where the premise sees dozens of girls try their luck to win Rob Kardashian's heart.

Sources say the show will be filled with humor and laughter, with one source saying that Rob will treat every girl differently — some will be treated to fancy restaurants while others have to settle for fast-food places. The idea is that Rob Kardashian will be able to distinguish who really wants him for his personality and his character as opposed to his fame and money.

“[Kris] is in talks with execs about getting Rob his own dating show called Rob’s Romance,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

“It’s going to have a similar vibe to The Bachelor. He’ll wine and dine some of the girls a fancy celebrity hangouts, but others will be taken to fast-food restaurants like Taco Bell and Burger King. Kris wants to make sure Rob meets someone who loves him for him.”

Of course, nothing has been put into place just yet. Kris Jenner is still said to be finalizing the idea, but it’s assured that the program will be funny and entertaining for fans to watch. Again, its main purpose is to help find Rob Kardashian a new girlfriend, but ratings are another thing that has to be considered.

Will the show be a hit? Rob Kardashian struggled to gather solid ratings for his previous show, Rob & Chyna, which averaged a measly 1.1 million viewers per episode. Producers would definitely have to think about Kris’ idea, taking into consideration whether or not it will draw enough viewers to tune in every week.

News of Rob Kardashian reportedly being in talks to kick off his own dating show on the E! network comes just weeks after it was claimed that Blac Chyna is hoping to land full custody of the duo’s child Dream Kardashian, In Touch reveals.

Sources revealed last week that Jenner and Rob Kardashian are determined to verbally fight this case against Blac, stressing that there is no reason why the USC graduate shouldn’t have the right to obtain joint custody of Dream — the only thing his family says is keeping Rob Kardashian happy.

Blac has already been unfollowed from all social media platforms by the Kardashians, clearly indicating that the current custody situation is turning nasty rather quickly.

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