Mar 27, 2017

Scarlett Johansson‬ becomes the ’Ghost in the Shell’

The global premiere of the much-anticipated “Ghost in the Shell” live action film is only two days away.

The Philippines, in fact, will be among France, Belgium, South Korea and Indonesia which are the first five countries to premier the film, even ahead of the United States (March 31) and Japan (April 7).

Some (hardcore fans of the anime who are still hurt about supposed issues of “whitewashing”) are dreading the day, while some (well, those who are just really crazy about Scarlett Johansson) are quite excited for it.

For the time being, have a look at the first five minutes of the movie depicting Major’s iconic building drop and optical camouflage activation from the original anime.

“Ghost in the Shell” opens in Philippine theaters on March 29

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