Mar 28, 2017

Ranking Final Four duos, an Oregon victory lap, and a Malik Monk eulogy

On our post-Elite 8 episode of Wake Up, College Basketball, we attempt to answer the following questions with 100 percent accuracy and complete shameless bias:

Can Tyler talk about star South Carolina guard Sindarius Thornwell more than he already does? Can any human?

How does North Carolina beat everyone even when they go through stretches of not hitting their shots?

To what does Gonzaga owe their breakthrough tournament performance? Why does Tyler hate the Zags so?

How unbearable is Dan’s post-Kansas Oregon victory lap after star Duck guard Tyler Dorsey is now averaging 25 ppg and hitting 70 percent of his three-pointers? Oh and Jordan Bell. Just ... Jordan Bell.

How would Tyler have Gonzaga play South Carolina to end what appears to be the tournament’s most impressive road to the Final Four?

What have we learned about Kentucky’s Malik Monk and his hometown, Lepanto, Ark. that we reveal during our eulogy?

What does Gonzaga guard Josh Perkins have to say about game planning and time off?

... and much more!

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