Feb 17, 2017

Justin Bieber’s Hand Cut & Bloody Moments After Alleged Brawl At Pre-Grammys Party: Pic

Justin Bieber reportedly headbutted a man at a pre-Grammys party in LA on Feb. 11, and is now an alleged suspect in a possible crime. In a photo from the aftermath of the reported brawl, Justin was spotted with what appeared to be a bloody cut on his hand. See the gruesome photo for yourself…

HERE’S THE PHOTO of Justin Bieber, 22, exiting Serafina Sunset in LA reportedly around 2 AM on Feb. 11, after he allegedly got into a heated brawl, as reported by TMZ. As you can see in the photo, Justin’s left index finger appears to have a fresh and bloody cut, which some people believe could have been from his reported altercation inside the Italian eatery.

At a pre-Grammys bash for his producer friend, “Poo Bear,” Justin was reportedly “play fighting” his with friend, Kyle Massey, 25, according to eyewitnesses, when he observed that someone nearby was taping him. Justin allegedly asked the individual to stop, especially when others reportedly began recording. However, the unidentified person allegedly refused, and that’s when Justin reportedly headbutted them.

Someone inside Serafina reportedly called the police, and by the time they got there, Justin had already allegedly left. The alleged victim does not want to press charges, as reported by TMZ, but the investigation will reportedly move forward. The site labeled the reported incident as a “misdemeanor battery.”

When HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY spoke with Caroline McBride, the director of public relations at Serafina Restaurant Group, she said that the Biebs is always on his best behavior when he’s at Serafina. In fact, she told us that Justin’s attitude is alway “great” when he eats at the NYC hotspot. McBride also added: “We know very little about the alleged incident at Serafina Sunset with Justin Bieber, but we can assure you that nobody from our staff was involved, nor did we call the police.”

So, what really went down inside the restaurant? Yes, Justin’s hand appeared to be cut and bloody, but who knows — It could have been ketchup or a brutal paper cut…

When HollywoodLife.com reached out to the West Hollywood Sheriffs Dept., Officer Mandujan EXCLUSIVELY told us, “There was a report taken last week and at this point it is an open investigation, there is no further information available at this point.” We will keep you updated as this story develops.

This shocking report comes just one day after Justin was reportedly named a suspect in an altercation he was involved in back in June 2016. The singer got into a heated fight at a Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game, and you can get more details on that RIGHT HERE, and you can hear more in our video, above.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of this shocking report?

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