May 29, 2015

Brandi Glanville Says David Foster Is "Freaky" in Bed but Backtracks on Her Comments

Talk about T-M-I.

Brandi Glanville shed a little too much light on David Foster, the husband of co-star Yolanda Foster during an appearance on a recent podcast, per the Inquisitr. She dished that she and Yolanda have talked about their sex lives before and decided to share with listeners what she thought David might be like in bed.

"Yolanda and I talk about it. They do well," she said. "David Foster is freaky for sure."

When it came to discussing her other co-star's sex lives, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star didn't say much. In fact, she remained relatively mum on the topic! So much so, that she explained she doesn't even think they do it.

"They do fine. I can't picture anyone else on the show having sex. I don't even want to picture it," she said. "I try to bring it up and they all act like they're shocked. Like, 'OMG, we don't do that!' I bring it up to shock them, to talk about something interesting, and they are all like, 'She's so crass.'"

But it looks like Glanville took some heat for her over-sharing, so she turned to Twitter to clarify her comments. "Dear the inquisitor listen again.I was clearly joking &always joke about sex! I love both Yo & David & think they are a VERY SEXY couple!" she tweeted.

This isn't the first time Glanville has been on the more outspoken side of things when it comes to her co-stars. She previously accused Joanna Krupa of having a smelly vagina. Yes, you read that right. A smelly vagina.

The Bravo stars feuded because Eddie Cibrian's ex accused Krupa of breaking up Foster and Mohamed Hadid's marriage. The 34-year-old model went on to deny the cheating allegations, adding of Hadid, "I've known the guy for 10 years, he's a dear friend of mine. I never hooked up with him. I never broke up a marriage. I had a boyfriend at the time that I met him, let's put it that way. And he was separated form Yolanda. So I'm not a home wrecker, that's for sure."

"Then she was saying my junk stinks and all this stuff," Krupa exclaimed while appearing on Access Hollywood. "That's what she said. I don't know what this woman has against me. Do you smell anything?"


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