May 6, 2015

Beyonce Shows Serious Skin in Racy See-Through Gown at 2015 Met Gala

While Kim Kardashian probably thought she won the title of "Closest to Being Nude" at the 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute gala, she didn't hold a candle to Beyonce.

The "Drunk in Love" singer showed some serious skin in her sheer, jewel-encrusted, Givenchy Haute Couture gown that left very little to the imagination.

Beyonce first revealed the gown on Instagram in a series of racy shots that looked like she was trapped in the basement of a New York warehouse.

While the dress showed off nearly every part of her body, Beyonce topped the risqué look off with a retro top-knot pony tail that made her look like Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie.

While Beyonce is known for rocking sheer and sexy outfits to the annual fashion extravaganza, this year she really went all out. So much so that she couldn't really blend in -- especially next to her husband Jay Z, who was decked out in a traditional tux.

Then again, since when has Beyonce ever blended in? She's the damn queen, and queens stand out in style.

That being said, as racy as her dress was, it still couldn't draw some people's attention. Like this dude in the background who is way more interested in his slice of pizza than any of us will ever be interested in anything.

Where do you even get pizza on the red carpet? Are there pizza street vendors just all along the Met Gala arrivals line? Is this the Met Gala's best kept secret? If so, this random guy really messed that up for all the other reporters enjoying secret pizza.

But you can't blame Beyonce! She was giving it her all, with the assistance of hundreds of gorgeous gems that made her shine all the brighter. She even took the time to take a photo of her jewelry and post it to Instagram along with a shout out to Givenchy.

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