Feb 18, 2015

Afroman Arrested After Violently Punching Female Fan In The Face

Afroman, best known for his drug anthem "Because I Got High," was arrested by police on Tuesday after blatantly punching a female fan in the face while she was on stage with him.

The rapper, real name Joseph Foreman, was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi, when the woman started dancing next to him with a beer in her hand. Afroman then suddenly turned around and decked her. The woman fell down, and Afroman kept playing his guitar as though nothing had happened. According to witnesses, the fan was crying and bleeding but was able to get up, reports TMZ.com. The video shows the fan's male companion getting on stage and escorting her off of it.

Police later turned up to the venue, escorted Afroman off stage, and arrested him for assault. He was later released after paying a $330 bond.

According to the rapper's representative, Afroman was unaware that the stage intruder was a female -- he just reacted. The rep also blamed lack of security for allowing the fan to get on to the stage and said Afroman's behavior was "out of character."

Afroman's 2000 song "Because I Got High" was based on the inability or unwillingness to manage everyday tasks due to drug use. The song became a worldwide hit and was featured in the films "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," "The Perfect Score" and "Disturbia."

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