Sep 10, 2014

Nicki Minaj Cracks Up at Ellen DeGeneres' "Anaconda" Music Video Parody—Watch Now!

Oh, my God, Becky Nicki Minaj, look at Ellen DeGeneres' butt.

Don't worry, everyone gets to look at the daytime TV darling's derrière, because Ellen puts her "booty-poppin'" skills on full display in her parody of Nicki's "Anaconda" music video!

In the legitimately LOL clip, Ellen, 56, even wears the '80s-workout inspired ensemble Nicki and her dancers do—gold hoops, knee pads and acid-washed Daisy Dukes included! She looks back cautiously at the camera as she, rather amusingly, tries to shake her assets à la Ms. Minaj.

Ellen finds a few of Nicki's moves a bit challenging (she particularly struggles a crotch-flashing, spread-your-legs chair dance routine), but that doesn't hold her back! Even when a backup dancer booty-pops her off balance, she bounces right back and retaliates with a butt thrust of her own.

Towards the end of the soon-to-be viral clip, a confused Ellen looks at the camera wryly as Nicki, 31, appears (thanks to video editing) to pat her butt cheeks and observe the resulting wiggle.

On Wednesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicki can barely contain her laughter after watching Ellen's "Anaconda" spoof. Cracking up, she covers her face with her hands, then asks, "What did you do?"

Without missing a beat, Ellen quips back, "What did you do?"

Through giggles, Nicki says, "You are hilarious," to which Ellen quickly replies, "You are hilarious!"

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