Sep 11, 2014

Katy Perry Reveals Who Is Her Human ‘Punching Bag’ And Surprisingly It’s Not Taylor Swift!

Katy Perry has revealed that she often has to vent her frustrations out on her very own human “punch bag” and contrary to what we may have thought in light of this week’s revelations, it’s not Taylor Swift. So who does endure the wrath of Katy Perry? It’s loyal assistant Tamra of course, who is always on hand when the fiery pop star needs to roar! Although, we’re going to bet that she makes her put a Swifty mask on first.

Understandably when you’re the biggest pop princess in the world, you’ve got the papers writing all sorts of baloney about you everyday and you’re ex is Russell Brand then you’re going to need to let rip every so often, and on a bad day Katy admits that its PA Tamra that ends up getting the brunt of it all.

In a chinwag with Harper’s Bazaar, Perry reveals: “I can snap a little bit, be a little bitchy to the couple of people around me. Tamra, my assistant, is my closest punching bag. But she’s strong and understands that I have a lot of pressure on me sometimes." But what if Tamra’s not available? Thankfully Katy’s found other avenues to relieve her stresses a she also says that she meditiates "five to six times a week” and she’ll enjoy an “act-out day about every four to six months. I’ll have a cigarette, which I know is absolutely horrible for me, after a few drinks when I’m having a week off. I don’t do black tar heroin."

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