Sep 18, 2014

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are Reportedly Splitting After 14 Months of Wedded Bliss

It was a whirlwind romance that took most by (unpleasant) surprise, but now it’s reportedly coming to an end.

According to an upcoming story in Us Weekly, inexplicably popular Canadians Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are headed for divorce.

“It’s over,” states an unnamed source. “He has been going around LA and telling people they’re divorcing.”
A friend of Lavigne’s explains, “Chad is just a complete jerk in the way he talks to her, and the way he talks to people in general. A lot of her friends don’t like him.” Which, to be honest, doesn’t come as the biggest surprise.

Additional proof that their 14-month marriage may be on the rocks?

On August 30th, Avril was spotted at the Chateau Marmont for a girls’ night out sans wedding ring. She has also deleted photos of the couple in happier times, notably a Twitter selfie taken after Kroeger gifted Lavigne a whopping 17-carat diamond ring for their anniversary (unfortunately, being in Nickelback really pays the bills. You can check out the dazzling behemoth in the video below).

However, supporters of the couple can breathe easy knowing that the two haven’t solidified divorce plans yet: “There’s no concrete timeline for divorce right now,” another source reveals.

So, who will take Avril and Chad’s place as the reigning Queen and King of Canada? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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