Sep 18, 2014

Ariana Grande Reacts To Rumors About Hating Fans

Ariana Grande is building a reputation for being a big diva. Fresh off the news of the young pop star giving veteran entertainment host Julianna Rancic attitude, the musician is once again the subject of speculation after rumors of a snide comment she made against fans went public.

According the New York Daily News, an industry insider heard the 21-year old pop star comment “I hope they all fucking die,” in the elevator after she gamely smiled for fans prior to getting on it.

A representative for Grande has officially spoken in behalf of the singer and says the rumors are completely untrue and that Ariana loves her fans.

Grande herself took matters into her own hands by tweeting about the alleged incident and brushed it off—”man some of these rumors that have been coming out about me lately actually have me laughing out loud…. really can’t take em seriously”

This piece of news comes just after Grande’s team reportedly requested members of Australian media to refrain from asking the singer about the cancellation of her Nickelodeon show, her grandfather’s recent passing, talk of her being the next Mariah Carey, ex-boyfriends or her dating life.

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